Resolve to be Civil

Raging waves at sea

January had already begun and I hadn’t decided on a New Year’s resolution. After last week’s violence in Washington, D.C., I now know what it is: To conscientiously practice civility. I believe the uncivil, nasty, screaming, name-calling, suspicion-building, “cancelling” devolution of our culture that has been on display for the past year is a large…

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It’s National Business Etiquette Week

A handshake logo

It is National Business Etiquette Week, a chance to enhance your personal brand by practicing polished professional manners. Here are 20 ways to celebrate: Sending someone a hand written thank-you note. Taking a colleague to lunch to say thanks for all he or she does to help you be successful. Volunteering to get the mail…

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Why Manners Matter

Employees gathering together

Evaluations are in from a presentation I made to a group of young professionals, all new to university advancement and eager to start raising money and promoting their schools. My talk was about business etiquette and included skills such as how to introduce yourself and others, shake hands, initiate and sustain conversation with strangers, and…

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Business Etiquette Week Prompts Positive Conversation

Respect written on a board

The Protocol School of Washington ( has declared June 4-10 National Business Etiquette Week with a theme of “Toxic Workplaces: How to Resurrect Civility in Business.”  Bravo to them because we could all use a reminder about now. Incivility is rampant. It is an insidious poison that degrades our relationships with individuals and nations, and…

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