A table with a seafood buffet

It’s Time to Ditch Buffets

By Correct On Campus / April 27, 2020 / Comments Off on It’s Time to Ditch Buffets

Overflowing self-serve buffets are likely going to be one of the victims of Covid-19, and that’s fine with me. Who wants to touch serving utensils and eat food that has potentially been contaminated by someone else (never mind this has always been the case)? Conversely, no one wants buffets where everything from fresh fruit to…

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A set of recycling bins

Plan To Reduce Special Event Waste

By Correct On Campus / June 12, 2019 / Comments Off on Plan To Reduce Special Event Waste

New years in academia comes in August and one of my resolutions is to make this year’s events as eco-friendly as possible. As the planning cycle starts, now is the time to work on this. Fall begins with a series of outdoor picnics and tailgating that are by their nature, messy and wasteful, generating a…

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Catering to Dietary Requests

By Correct On Campus / October 22, 2017 / Comments Off on Catering to Dietary Requests

A recent “Special Events Magazine” survey of caterers revealed that special dietary requests from guests attending meetings and events now constitute 20 percent of an audience, up from five percent 10 years ago. While requests for special meals due to religious or medical reasons must be honored, these days, requests are often more a matter…

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