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A person standing on a diving board

Jumping Into What’s Next

October 19, 2020

Jumping off the high dive was the final test to earn an advanced swimming certificate and I was determined to get mine, a prerequisite of my goal to become a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor so that I could qualify…

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Graduation ceremony

Hybrid Commencement Needs Essentials

September 22, 2020

Hastily conceived hybrid commencement ceremonies were implemented by most schools last spring as the pandemic was building at the precise time spring exercises were about to happen. Many schools promised graduates that later in the summer, or perhaps this fall,…

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A postal stamp with a photo of a woman

Celebrating 100 Years of Women’s Voting Rights

August 18, 2020

Amendment 19 of the United States Constitution ratified 100 years ago today: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”…

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A woman at the produce section

Smiling Voices, Smiling Eyes

August 6, 2020

A simple trip to the grocery story while wearing a face mask is a lesson in how much we rely on smiles and friendly nods to communicate with others. Our facial expressions send potent non-verbal messages that convey everything from…

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An empty mall lobby

Flying is Squeaky Clean

July 28, 2020

I flew last weekend for the first time since Covid-19 upended life. It’s a strange new world, but one that I believe we’ve got to engage with if we are ever going to move forward. I flew Delta, and I…

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A Starbucks branch under construction

Repave Your Parking Lot Now

May 18, 2020

I’ve noticed many restaurants in our area have taken advantage of the time they’ve been Covid closed to redecorate, update, and re-do infrastructure such as parking lots, projects that have likely been on the “to do” list for a long…

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A table with a seafood buffet

It’s Time to Ditch Buffets

April 27, 2020

Overflowing self-serve buffets are likely going to be one of the victims of Covid-19, and that’s fine with me. Who wants to touch serving utensils and eat food that has potentially been contaminated by someone else (never mind this has…

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A cat next to their owner

Project Your Best Image in Virtual Meetings

March 23, 2020

Campus closures have forced a crash course in something that most events planners don’t really do—audio and video conferencing. After all, our business is creating ways to get people together, not working with technology to keep them separated. Our staff…

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Empty shelves in a store

Franklin Roosevelt Was Right

March 15, 2020

  Franklin Roosevelt famously said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” He was trying to calm the nation by pointing out that fear was making things worse as people struggled to find a way out of…

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A happy audience

Experience A Better Employee Awards Ceremony

February 20, 2020

Spring semester often includes employee recognition events honoring years of service which means people are given thank-you gifts of ad specialty products ranging from coffee mugs to key rings to cheap watches. This year, supplies may be disrupted because coronavirus…

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