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Etiquette & Protocol

Office Manners

Is That Your Cup in the Sink?

Bad manners and inconsiderate behavior at work are a widespread problem, according to
a recent survey of workplace issues. Findings indicate that the office behaviors people find most irritating are:

  • Being late for meetings.
  • Texting or checking e-mail during meetings.
  • Leaving the photocopier or shared printers out of paper.
  • Leaving the office kitchenette, microwave, or refrigerator a mess.
  • Leaving the coffee pot empty.
  • Foul language.
  • Borrowing things like pens, staplers, or scissors and not returning them.
  • Reading the papers on someone else's desk or the information on his or her computer screen.
  • Trying to talk to someone while he or she is on the telephone.
  • Wasting time during meetings with non-related personal complaints or other problems.
  • Complaining.
  • Leaning over the cubicle to talk and/or eavesdropping and commenting on coworkers' cubicle conversations.
  • Unprofessional dress.
  • Interrupting private meetings for trivial requests.
  • Not returning  telephone messages.
  • Letting voice mail boxes get too full to accept new messages.
  • Subjecting callers to a long automated message.