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Training and Consulting

April L. Harris has provided expertise, workshops, coaching, and consulting about special events, etiquette, and academic ceremonies and traditions to colleges and universities since 1993.


Group and individual training delivered at your site and structured so that participants can easily absorb information and put it into immediate practice. Seminars can be customized to meet your training needs. Topics include etiquette for advancement professionals, etiquette for special events planners, business etiquette, dining skills, dressing, business leadership skills for women, and hosting international visitors. Invest in your staff by giving them the gift of training. Group training is far more economical than sending individual staff members to conferences and has the added advantage of establishing a shared culture among employees.


Get an objective opinion and expert advice on your school's big project or special event during an on-site consulting visit. Capital campaign events, ceremonies, and milestone occasions such as anniversaries and inaugurations often gain focus with the review of an off-campus expert.    

Online Consulting:
Is there an inauguration in your future? Are you preparing for an important dignitary visit or redesigning commencement? Online consulting is an efficient, economical way to get personalized, expert answers to your specific needs.